Within the energy of the New Earth lies A Magic Community. This is
not a community or a place that you can find on a map or even
on a road.

This is a place that you can find only with the Mind and your
It is hidden from most people and that is what makes
it magical.

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space
which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space.
These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire,
Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.

But once you have acquired these keys, you and your SELF
have unlimited access to the MAGIC of the COSMOS.

How does this happen?

It happens this way and only this way.

Magic and all that it contains is your creation.
It is special to you. There are people and places that you can visit
who are also in
A Magic Community but they are also in their
own special place…their own creation…their own Magic.

No matter where you go in the COSMOS you are taking your
Space your special place with you and that is why it is hidden.
Others who want to interact or commune with you must also
have the seven keys or they will never find you.

So, consider this a very private message that I am sharing with
You. Embrace it with all your heart…because your SELF
wants you to embrace it.

Bonnie Lange

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